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Cocktail Smoker

Cocktail Smoker

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Cocktail smoker kits don't have to be complicated and expensive - the basic idea behind any design is simple. You put some kind of combustible wood chip or sawdust into the device, light it, and allow the smoke to infuse your drink. You can smoke a simple glass of whiskey, a classic drink like an Old Fashioned, or any other cocktail you can think of. The result depends on what type of wood you’re burning and for how long, but it can often add layers of savory flavors to your drink of choice.

This unique set is a must-have groomsmen, birthday, anniversary, or just because gift for whiskey drinkers.

Cocktail smoker set includes- Smoke infuser, cleaning brush, 4 pack of quality flavored wood chips- Oak, Hickory, Apple and Cherry.  Comes with black box pictured.  

*Glass not included. 


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Box is 2.5" x 4.5" x 4.75"

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